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Game Address: ( : 9100
  • More Options:
    • Becoming: We allow 2 PCs per player and have an option for gaining a supernatural template IC.

  • Build Guide: A how-to for your build projects.
  • Equipment: Equipment guidelines and a link to the equipment in the +inv system.
  • Lairs: Rules and Information on +Lairs.
  • Relics: House rules and the Relic Crafting system.
  • Virtues and Vices: Expanded Vice and Virtues list.
  • Integrity - An explanation of the system that replaces Morality and Breaking Points.
  • Master Conditions List All the Conditions that can affect Characters, including Soul Loss.
  • Professional Training: Available to all characters, not just M+.
  • News Files: A list of the Mush News Files.
  • Setting: Safe Haven and Outlook. The area information and history.
    • Grid: Zone maps and +map.
  • NPCs: A list of NPCs and their affiliations.
  • Metaplot: What you should know about Safe Haven Harbor’s Metaplot.
  • Plots: A list of ongoing and finished plots with a template to create your own.
  • Storytellers by Sphere: Who is interested in running stories?
  • PRP Requests: Turn in guide for PRPs with all incentives for sphere bonuses!
  • Logs by Date: The most recent news in any sphere.
  • Sphere Hangouts: A list of all of the sphere-specific places one can find RP.


  • Channel List: To find the ones you can join.
  • Help Files: A listing of help files for the code on SHH.
  • Logging: How to set up an automatic logger in your client.
  • Wiki: To get a wiki account, simply register yourself on the wiki. This may change later, but at this time it is open registration.
  • Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.