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The Shadow / Hisil

  • According to White Wolf’s World of Darkness, the Shadow, or Hisil to some, is the dark reflection of the world around you. A place that is beneath the world you see, touch, smell, hear and taste.
  • The Hisil is the home of spirits. Not to be confused with ghosts, spirits have very specific jobs to do, and that's all they do. They may take on human-like traits, and even seem friendly, but at the heart of them, they are simply what they are, and cannot be anything else without interference from outside their realm.
  • Again, the Shadow is a DARK reflection. It's not hugs and puppies. It's not a playground. For the denizens, they understand that their home is more dangerous than it first appears to be on the outside. The Shadow is quite literally a "dog eat dog" world. Spirits take care of whatever their influence might be and they consume. They're like sharks in their constant need to eat. The more essence they consume, the stronger they become, and the stronger they grow, the less likely it is that they will be consumed.
  • To access the Shadow, one must use a form of magical means, be it through a locus (for werewolves), Spirit magic (for mages), or Numina (for spirits and purified).
  • Check your Gauntlet Strengths here, via the Grid Listing, or by checking your target brood's wiki.

  • Twilight is not a place, but a state of being for spirits and ghosts. The spirits who are in Twilight are in the physical realm, or the reality we call home on a day to day basis. Twilight is the invisible state of a spirit when it leaves The Shadow.
  • The Shadow is the location where spirits live, while Twilight is how they are affected in the physical realm. Until a spirit fetters itself or possesses something or someone, it is in a state of Twilight. (They can also manifest for a short time, without a fetter, but this consumes essence, and when a spirit runs out of essence, they lose willpower, and when their willpower is gone, they return to the Shadow, whether they want to, or not.)
  • A spirit in Twilight is extremely dangerous. They are capable of using their powers, or Numina, against its surroundings or anyone in its vicinity. They are virtually impossible to destroy in this state. Most common, mundane, methods of causing harm are ineffective against the spirits.
  • Spirits in Twilight are not corporeal, can pass through solid objects and have no problems with gravity, though most will stay close to the ground for various reasons.
  • Refer to page 101 in The Book of Spirits.
Spirit Status (Merit)

  • No one can start with the merit Spirit Status without it belonging to some distant brood.
  • In order to earn Spirit Status, without it being tied to a brood is to first earn 3 dots (●●●) in status to at least two of the four major broods in the game, each.
  • Any spirit status awarded needs to be roleplayed and approved by DeadZone or Headstaff.
  • The Four Major Broods are:

xxxxxxxxxxThe City
xxxxxxxxxxThe Clockworks
xxxxxxxxxxThe Crumbling Shore
xxxxxxxxxxThe WALL

  • Once the two broods' status is earned, then the player can earn Spirit Status ●●.
  • Additional dots in Spirit Status can earned by something major being done in the Shadow. Otherwise, they just keep earning dots in individual brood status.
Shadow Anomalies

  • There are various types of anomalies that can occur within The Shadow. Listed below are some of the types that can eventually or already do exist in Safe Haven Harbor.
  • Wounds: Wounds are areas within the Shadow that summon up dark spirits, malicious emotion and more. It can also cause, if the conditions are right, demons and the like to appear in their vicinity. During the End of the World Event in TR, all wounds were destroyed or nearly destroyed. There is only one current wound of Tragedy active between SH03 and SH07.
  • Loci: Loci are areas either natural or created that produce essence. Spirits will gravitate to loci and consume them until there's nothing left, or until something or someone begins to protect them. There are several loci in Safe Haven Harbor. To locate them, please check the Grid Listings link to the left.
  • Barrens: Barrens are places in the Shadow where the gauntlet has become so thick, it is not able to be passed. The result is a barren wasteland if the gauntlet is not seen to quickly. There is a place in Safe Haven Harbor where the gauntlet is too thick to pass at SH06.
  • In addition to all of the above, there are also glades, "Places-That-Aren't" and shoals. At this point and time, there is nothing like those in Safe Haven Harbor, but that doesn't mean that they won't happen eventually.
Shadow Denizens

  • There are numerous broods that work in the Shadow surrounding Safe Haven Harbor aside from the primary four.
  • List of Spirits by Brood
  • There are also spirits that don't live in The Shadow. Most of these are familiars. The rules for creating these spirits can be found here.
Shadow Role-Plays

  • Any of the Spirit NPCs that have sheets on the Brood List are available for use by anyone, though logs will need to be provided to DeadZone. Any spirits that are listed that do NOT have sheets are only able to be played by staff. Each page will have notations to that effect.
  • Anyone in need of a role-play in the Shadow, please contact DeadZone via +request ATTN DZ.
  • If there are any questions regarding the Shadow/Hisil, please feel free to send an @mail or +request ATTN DZ.